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VB.NET ListView scroll - rowheight not fixed


Feb 15, 2012
Hi! I'm have been converting old VB6.0 project to VB.NET (2008) and now I'm struggling with ListView component. ListView Events are coming clearer now and I managed to read a huge amount of data (96.000 rows) from textfile to ListView with 6 subitems. All rows are build up nicely, but when I'm scrolling down the rows slowly, through scrollbar (clicking bottom arrow), rowheight is reduced to about half in first 20-30 rows below components upper row??? When I'm using PageDown or scrolling faster (dragging from scrollbar), everything is ok. And when I click to blurred row, it is refreshed and rowheight returns to normal. This didn't happen in VB6.0. Is there any Event, where I could use "lstView.Refresh()" or something to avoid this? Can't advise people to use PageDown only, when scrolling!!!
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