How to interpret Git history graph for a branch?



I am not new to Git or Visual Studio, but I can't seem to come to grips with the history view of a branch as seen in VS 2019.
Anyone care to point me to the docs where the graph is explained? Especially the different lines when they fork etc.

For example, I have a branch that when I view the history, I can't really tell at what point it was created from the master branch. I'm trying to see just the commits made since the branch was created. The "graph" line(s) next to the commits all form a single line with dots as shown below. Now, how can I tell by looking at this when the branch was created off master (or any other branch for that matter) ? Some of these commits are the result of "catch up" merges from master. I'm not even sure if im asking the right question...

my branch history


eg. Announcing git graph and advanced filters to visualize commit history

regarding the history graph further down the page in the above example, why are there multiple grey lines and which is which?

Ok, here is what I think im confused on. See this image, taken from here
Version Controlling with Git in Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps

Toward the bottom of the graph, why would dc364758 have two commit ancestors?, eg.

9b6c82bf and 78be87b0


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