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Hi, I have a question. I have a method that sends and receives messengers via serial port as a byte arrays,

to SerialPort DataRecived I am adding an event that will read response and assign it to type

so basically it should be easy and looks like this:

async {

let buffer = Array.zeroCreate<byte> port.ReadBufferSize
let response = new Response(buffer)

let data_recived =
let! read_buffer = port.AsyncReadLineAsByte()
response.Data <- read_buffer

printfn "Response Buffer: %A response type: %A" read_buffer response.Data
|> Async.RunSynchronously

port.DataReceived.Add(fun _-> data_recived)

do! port.AsyncWriteLineAsByte messange

//Something to wait for fired event

return response.Data

And type looks like

type Response(buffer: byte[]) =

let mutable _response = buffer

member this.Data
with get() = _response
and set(value) = _response <- value

Between sending messenge and returning byte array i need something that will wait for event to fire and finish so far i tried:

let! args = port.DataReceived |> Async.RunSynchronously

But this get stuck, also i tried:

while response.Data = buffer
do printfn "Response: %A \r Buffer: %A" response.Data buffer

Well this works one time, if I send second message it goes to endless loop like this while is fire before event is fired.

Is there any way for this to work?

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