WPF Composites (WPF-CPS) for F#


Bryan Prendergast

FYI . . . I just added a basic 'Hello World' example of using my Fluent WPF API named WPF Composites (WPF-CPS) with F#.

Just search for WPF Composites on CodePlex and search for the F Sharp Example link on its main home page.

WPF Composites (WPF-CPS) is a project designed to provide an alternative, concise, C# (or IronPython or F#) code-behind approach to managing UI Framework Element composites. Composites are normally managed via XAML and DataTemplates but this library uses ID's and X-Y Coordinates instead to position elements on the screen.

It works via 100% code-behind, zero XAML, has CSS-like Selectors, has Generators to generate multiple Framework Elements based on a single Prototype Element's properties (e.g. create a button and automatically clone it 5 times), and supports 26 different WPF controls.

This library may be especially suited to F# considering its focus on a concise code-behind approach to WPF versus a verbose, possibly inflexible XAML-based approach? F# also fits well with "fluent API's" in general since it is monad-friendly and a functional programming language?

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