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VB to C++ converter


Junior Contributor
Feb 17, 2003
How feasible is it to convert VB.net code to C++? This company here claims to have a product to do it, but discussions online seem to say that it can't be done. Just wondering if Tangible Software Solution's solution is likely to work.

Kind of thinking that if ever I want to try and get a job in computing I ought to know C++ rather than VB.net so it would be a good idea to switch over, including a couple of current projects that I have.



Nov 3, 2002
Florida, USA
As with many code conversions, it can probably be done, but I wouldn't be pretty or practical. Conversion between such different languages is best done by hand.

Think of Google Translate. You can translate a book from Chinese to English with it, but the results are going to be less than desirable. I will not really be recognizable as the original work, and most likely won't be useable as good reading material.
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