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Trouble connecting F# to an Entity Framework model


Mr Yossu


I've been trying out this MSDN walkthrough to connect F# to an edmx file. I started an empty solution, and added a C# class library, to which I added an Entity Framework model. I then added an F# console app to the solution. My solution now looked like this...


Following what was in that MSDN article, I added the following line to my F# code file...

type edmx = EdmxFile<"DonationsManagerModel.edmx", ResolutionFolder = @"..\EfModel">

However, the type name is underlined in red, and I get the error message...

The provided types generated by this use of a type provider may not be used from other F# assemblies and should be marked internal or private. Consider using 'type internal TypeName = ...' or 'type private TypeName = ...'.

I've been searching, but haven't managed to find anything that I understand that would help solve this. Anyone any ideas?


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