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Sep 18, 2001
Washington, D.C.
The request for samples, book referrals, and good tutorials gets asked alot. Maybe we could add some "sticky" threads like over at EVBF's Tutors Corner to send people for a comprehensive list rather than whatever we can remember off the top of our head? To start off, I'd nominate these:

.NET Framework Class Library
The documentation for all framework classes. Most include remarks and examples for the methods and properties of the classes.

GotDotNet Quickstart Tutorials
These are excellent well focused modules on specific tasks of interest. Be sure to check out the Common Tasks section.

MSDN Code Samples
Code Samples from Microsoft. More advanced code samples than above and less tutorial.
From the IBUYSPY Portal to the ASPNET Forums, this site includes a number of reference web application implementations that demonstrate solid coding practice. Be sure to check out the Starter Kits tab.
The sister site to Includes articles/samples for Windows Forms.
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