Regarding Callback method used for BeginReceive method


Mar 30, 2012
Hi everyone,

Following is the callback method that I use in my socket programming at client side for async receiving of data from server:-

Public Sub OnDataRecieved(ByVal async As IAsyncResult)
        Dim Recieved_Size As Integer = m_clientSocket.EndReceive(async)
        ...........(rest of the code)
End Sub

What my doubt is that when "Recieved_Size" = 0, should I conclude that the socket has got disconnected? If not, then under what cases should Recieved_Size be = 0 ?

Why I am asking is that whenever the connected server gets disconnected then "OnDataRecieved" method gets called and the resulting "Recieved_Size" is = 0. But it should be called only when there is some data to be read for the socket, not when connect/disconnect happens, right?
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