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Dec 20, 2003
hi i have a problem in my Query iu don't know how to do it
i have Table called Countries_cities with self join with him self contain county names and cities there relation between country and cities as we know
i have another table called employers i want to select count(employer_email)
group by country only i don't want to get city name in my Result can anyone help


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Jun 24, 2003
SQL problems are best understood when you include DDL (CREATE TABLE ...) statements, some sample data and expected output given the sample data. I suggest that you include those things in your post.

Joe Mamma

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Mar 1, 2004
Washington DC
Hi tamer. . .

A proper model would be two different tables for the city/country

something along the lines of -

Bold is primary Key
Underline is a unique index
(Fld)->TableName) fld is foreign key reference to TableName
Visual Basic:
Country (countryID, countryName, otherCountryData)
City (cityID, countryID, cityName, otherCityData) (CountryID) ->Country
Person(taxID, firstName, middleName, lastName, primaryEmail, otherPersonData, cityID) (cityID)->City
Employer(employerID, employerName, cityID, employerEmail) (cityID)->city
Dept(deptID , employerID, deptName, managerID) (managerID) -> Employee, (employerID)->Employer
Job(jobCode, title, deptID) (deptID)->Dept
Employee(taxID, jobCode, managerID, otherEmployeeData, employeeEmail)(taxID) ->Person,(managerID)->Employee, (jobCode) -> Job

your select is (I believe as I am doing this off the top of my head)

select c.countryName, count(e.employerEmail) from
Country c inner join (City ct inner join Employer e on ct.cityId = e.cityId)
group by c.CountryID
order by c.countryName

No CityId, CountryId, EmployerId, TaxId, etc no. . . are not the primary keys. nor should they be!!!
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