Printer Settings for Zebra printer


Aug 8, 2004
Portugal / Barreiro
Ok, I'm trying to print some code bars with a Zebra TLP 2844 throught a routine I developed in C#. However, I can do everything excepted aligning the labels.

The printer came up with a setting-up utility to adjust the labels height, width and gap. I've set everything right. But when I print anything I see that the printer does not stop at the beginning of the next label, instead it stops at the very middle of the next label.

I discovered that when I access the properties of the printer settings through my Printing Dialog Window the settings do not get loaded. From Word or Excell, I can see everything right, i.e I can read the settings exactly as I instructed through the calibration software. The same printer properties window in my program loads only the factory default values. It ignores completely what I set from the printers utility software.

What must I do to load the customized settings too?
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