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Installer did not install cl.exe, but thinks it did


Yun Z

I'm on VS 2015 (14.0.25420.1). I've run through the installer multiple times, selecting everything under Visual C++. The problem is that cl.exe was never installed, but the installer thinks it's already installed and so I'm not able to install cl.exe. Can you please let me know what reg key (or whatever) the installer is using to determine if cl.exe is already installed so I can clear it out and force the installer to install cl.exe?

Things I've already tried:

1. Installed and uninstalled VS 2015 multiple times, selecting everything under Programming Languages -> Visual C++

2. Checked under C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC\. There is no bin folder.

My only option left is to pave my machine, and I would like to not do that if possible.


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