IIS hosted WCF service


May 23, 2012
IIS hosted WCF service does not work

Hi all:
I am trying to learn WCF. I have tried serveral examples from the Web which do not work as they were instructed for me. I must be doing something wrong but am not sure what.
I have windows 7 home, VS2012.
I created a solution call Greetings. In the service I added a class Library where I put the Interface and Service class. To that solution I added a website using the wcf service template type. I added the reference to th greeting class library that has my interface and service class.

This is supposed to be hosted by IIS. I wrote a client app to access the service but the error tells me there no service at the endpoint. I am not sure what I am missing. I attached a text file with the contents of my interface, service class,service.svc and web.config. Thanks for the help.


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