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Identifying the presence of illegal characters


Mar 26, 2004
Good morning all,

We have a procedure that requires us to validate all input for text fields; if the input contains certain characters or key words, we must force the user to re-enter alternative data. Some of the characters that we look for at the start of sentances are:
' ;
/ >
-- <
admin @
declare =

Some of the characters that we look for at the end of sentances are:

The keywords that we look for are:
@@ xss
__ (double underscore) NULL
varchar ‘’ (double single quote)
ascii ';
cursor exec (followed by space)
-- char(

I have added the regular expression validator to my web page and have entered the following custom validator:
^'|^;|^/|^>|^--|^<|^admin|^@|^declare|^=|one$|>$|@@|xss|__|null|varchar|''|ascii|';|cursor|exec |--|char|src

The validator does not fire for any of my illegal characters, how can I set the above custom validator to "not equals"? I know that I can use the Regex.IsMatch function within the code, but thought that by using the regular expression control may be safer.

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