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Getting weird WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_FLAGS value from WlanGetAvailableNetworkList()



I am working on software that is supposed to check a wireless network connection to a DSLR camera.

When I call WlanGetAvailableNetworkList(), the entry for my local wifi network looks fine. (dwFlags = 3. WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_CONNECTED and WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_HAS_PROFILE) But the entry for the camera has dwFlags of 258.

In wlanapi.h, I found:

// available network flags
#define WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_CONNECTED 0x00000001 // This network is currently connected
#define WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_HAS_PROFILE 0x00000002 // There is a profile for this network
#define WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK_CONSOLE_USER_PROFILE 0x00000004 // The profile is the active console user's per user profile

Assuming dwFlags can contain more than one of these values, it still shouldn't be 258. Can anyone tell me where this value might be coming from?


What is "Profile signature"?

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