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Neutiquam Erro
Nov 17, 2002
Windows XP's "My Computer" features a bar with collapsible panels called the "Explorer Bar"; each panel usually has tasks you can perform, quick shortcut links, or information about the selected file. I've now designed a control which emulates this Explorer Bar.

The code is fully commented and the properties are all documented.

  • Shows how to use designers to enhance design-time support for controls
  • Shows how to implement custom TypeConverters and UITypeEditors for the property window (as shown with the GradientCreator class).
  • Shows how to make two different controls interact with each other both at run-time and design-time.

  • Colors are fully customizable (gradients may also be used in place of solid colors in all cases).
  • Panels are collapsible and expandable (with option "folding" animation).
  • Panel caption bars can be rounded or square, and have optional pictures (32x32 fits best, but any size will work).

Possible additions for the future:
  • Support for scrollbars (it did initially have this, but the AutoScroll property didn't work properly, so I removed it).
  • Support for tiled images as well as solid colors and gradients.
  • More customizable animation (speed, maybe other stuff [fading?])

Foward all bugs and comments to me via PM.


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