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Direct3D Pipeline


Ultimate Contributor
Jun 10, 2003
Of course. Please post the code you have so far and explain which step you are having trouble with or what aspect of the task you don't understand. That way we know exactly what you need help with.


May 8, 2012
Thx to reply me, actually i wanna a example how to draw a pipe with curve, i m newbie for Direct3D. could u do that for me?


Nov 15, 2009
snarfblam said:
Have you tried to code it on your own?
Yes, snarfblam is right...a few more coding details would be helpful.

For instance, there is a Mesh.Torus Method
which could produce a 3D pipe that is curved into a 3D circle (torus),
(but I'm not sure if that's what you want).

If it is a fairly complex set of twisty-turny 3D piping sections
you might want to use something like Blender
to generate the necessary .X file(s),
and bring it into DirectX to render it programmatically
using the 3D person Viewport method described here.

The other approach might be to "Draw 3d Ring object" (or series of 3D ring objects)
using a ID3DXPatchMesh structure for tessellation.
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