Detect incoming calls from telephone in network


Aug 12, 2005
Hi Everybody,

I think I have a somewhat difficult question, but perhaps it's easier then I think.

I have a simple network with a pc connected to my modem/router. On this same router there is also a phone (Siemens DX800a) connected. With this phone came some software: Gigaset Quicksync.

I installed this software and it works fine. I can call a number via the pc and when I receive a call a popup appears (see image) on my screen with caller details. So Gigaset Quicksync somehow listens to a network port (the address of my phone is

However I would like to built my own program that contains more possibilities and also detects incoming calls and of course accept or decline the call.

Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea where to start.

Can anyone help me out with this matter? Seeing the program it is possible, but how...

You help will be greatly appreciated.

The program needs to run on Windows (Vista and 7) and can hopefully be written in C# .NET. If you need more information, just ask.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards 4ice


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Jun 10, 2003
You're in the right section, but what you're asking isn't a simple question. Assuming you've got the general principles down, you still need to know the details of how the phone communicates with the software. The specifics are probably proprietary, which means nobody here can help you with that.


Feb 28, 2011
Can't even remember
you have to do what the software app does and listen to the address for data coming in, since you know the data coming in would be audio you then need to convert the data stream to an audio stream and pass that to the soundcard, its sounds pretty simple in principal. I suppose the hardest part would be geting the data from the router, trail and error is your best friend here, just keep call that phone.
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