Can't listen on anything but localhost


Blue Baron

I'm unable to get a .Net Framework MVC project to listen on anything except localhost.

If I change



my project won't even load.

I get the following error:

Creation of the virtual directory http://eadev:2319 failed with the error: Cannot create the Web site 'http://eadev:2319'. You must specify "localhost" for the server name.

I've seen just tons of issues on this, and someone in my own company has this working, but I cannot get it to work. I actually set him up. And I still can't do this.

I've tried

netsh http add url=http://eadev:2319 users=everyone

That just gives me access denied errors when I run it from the console, but it's still trying to load localhost:2319

I deleted the .vs directory. I added entries to the .vs/app/config/applicationhosts.config

I've added eadev to the hosts file.

Also, one thing that used to work is that I downloaded nginx for Windows and setup a reverse proxy, but now it just says bad gateway. I even setup an ssh tunnel. I'm assuming now it's being picky about headers. I can access http://localhost:2319, but not nginx proxy_pass http://localhost:2319 is now giving bad gateway, but it used to work. If I point the proxy_pass to Example Domain it works.

There are just so many answers to this and other people seem to have got it working, but I cannot.

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