Additive blending


Dec 14, 2004
I'd like to do additive blending of one image over another using the provided .NET graphics features. I have google'd it, but that turned it up with about 0 useful results. In fact, it seems like no-one even asked about doing additive blending with .NET at all!

So, is it so simple and obvious that no-one ever had to ask and I just totally missed it? Or is it impossible with .NET? Does anyone have any suggestions?


Ultimate Contributor
Jun 10, 2003
The short answer is that DotNet does not support any blends except for your standard alpha blend and source copy.

In the past I've written my own drawing functions to do more advanced blending. If you are using 32-bit sources and destinations then once you understand how to directly access bitmap data then it is quite doable.
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