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    Public member 'Items' on type 'String' not found for loop listbox help

    Private Sub btnaddcart_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnaddcart.Click Dim part As PartDescription = New PartDescription() part = CType(lbxItems.SelectedItem, PartDescription) Dim SItem As String Dim Updateqty As Boolean...
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    TLS in VB.net

    I use following code to send the email. Dim smtpCli As New SmtpClient . . . . smtpCli.EnableSsl = True smtpCli.Send(mailMsg) Now I want to use TLS while sending the email. How to do it in VB.NET
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    VB NET Socket Recive in Byte Array

    Hello all, I am new to xtremedotnettalk and this is my first thread. I am trying to create a function in vb.net that sends a website header through a socket to the server and returns the response. This is my code. Public Function GetSiteResponse(ByVal IPEndpoint As IPEndPoint, ByVal client...
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    Reference to Run-Time Objects

    Hi again :P In my musical project, I'm creating buttons and labels at runtime. I was wondering how can I make changes to a certain button object via a label object, like this: Dim Label1 as New Label Dim Button1 as New Button Me.Controls.Add(Label1) Me.Controls.Add(Button1) AddHandler...
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    Nested Properties

    Hey guys! I'm using VB.net and I would want to have "property properties" of a class like this: Thing.Property1 = "Yo!" (*1) Thing.Property1.AnotherThing = 0 Thing.Property1.AnotherThing2 = True I understand I can use 'property Property1 as class' but if I do that, Property1 must get or set a...
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    Panels keep resizing themselves

    I have an annoying problem. I have tried everything I could think of and anything google gave me and nothing is working. I have a form in a split panel. It contains panels and the panels contain the labels and text boxes. I carefully resize and move the text boxes and labels, save. When I open...
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    Adding blank combo box item after using databind to populate the combo box.

    As an intern I was given a project to go through to try and understand the developer's code, and I've run into a problem: I have two combo boxes that is populated from sql tables. The only problem is that if nothing is selected (which is possible), I get NullReferenceError: Object variable or...
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    can some one please help me with my code!!!

    hey its mike... thanks in advanced... im trying to make a program that will inter act with a wifi car... i have it done in vb6 and am trying to transfer it to vb.net in 2010 express... here is the vb6 code and this is what i have so far for the vb.net... my problem is the keystrokes on the...
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    NullReferenceException on Dynamic UserControl

    Hi I can't figure out why this is happening. The app throws a nullreferenceexception on Me.Controls.Add(tab(count)). Public tab As Tab() Public wb As WebBrowser() Public count As Integer = 0 Public Sub NewTab(ByVal url As String) Try wb(count) = New WebBrowser tab(count)...
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    Integrate vb.net and vc++ in vs2005

    Hello again... i am here again to disturb u!!!!!!!!! I have two projects made in vc++ & vb.net of visual studio 2005 now i a third project in vb that integrates above two. I HAVE SEARCHED GOOGLE and result is negative
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    vb6.0 upgrade issue to vb .net (vs2005).. i dunno .net.. pls reply

    I dont know anything about .net and vb code is converted to vb.net!!! :-( this is code:: i made it as attachment as max limit of letters was exceeded any help appreciated.... :confused:
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    How to get the files in vb.net in all directories/Code written but corrctns r ther

    Note from moderator: Please use the and [CODE=visualbasic] tags and other formatting features to make your posts readable. Spelling and grammar help too. This is in class file [CODE=visualbasic]Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic Imports System.IO Imports System.Collections.Generic Public Class...
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    Setting Custom paper size in Crystal Report

    Hi friends, I'm developing a software but a problem came up. I want to print paper of size 8 by 6 in. this is not a standard paper size in crystal report. Its a continuous paper. I want to define custom size through Vb.Net Please Help. :(
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    Perl to VB.NET

    Can someone convert this one line of code for me: perl -MWWW::Mechanize -e '$m = WWW::Mechanize->new; $_=shift; ($i) = /v=(.+)/; s/%(..)/chr(hex($1))/ge for (($u) = $m->get($_)->content =~ /l_map": .+(?:%2C)?5%7C(.+?)"/); print $i, "\n"; $m->get($u, ":content_file" => "$i.flv")'
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    VB.Net Conversion of BMP to AVI

    Keywords: VB.Net, AVI Compression, avifil32.dll Hello, I have been struggling for days now to write a VB.Net application which converts BMP Images to AVI. This program works just fine in VB but will not run in VB.Net. The problem lies with the conversion of VarPtr() in VB to some other means in...
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