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    Windows Form passing arguments/details to Windows Service

    Hey everyone, I am hoping that this site will offer the expertise, and hopefully the assistance that other sites have been unable to give. I asked the question that follows on STACKOVERFLOW (my local place for assistance) a week ago, with no luck, and today posted on the msdn dev forums which...
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    Panels keep resizing themselves

    I have an annoying problem. I have tried everything I could think of and anything google gave me and nothing is working. I have a form in a split panel. It contains panels and the panels contain the labels and text boxes. I carefully resize and move the text boxes and labels, save. When I open...
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    Migrating Controls from Form to Form

    I've searched everywhere online and can't find anything on this. Is there was any way to migrate all controls from form to form? I've tried For Each Ctrl as Control in Form2.Controls Form1.Controls.Add(Ctrl) Next I get skipped controls and ect... but... If I try to get the name of...
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