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    Extend Control Bounds

    Is there a way to extend the bounds of a control, so that it has some extra space between the physical boundary and the graphical edge? Look at the image in attachment that demonstrates what I want to achieve. In this case it is a datagridview with some extra space on the right. Sure, I could...
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    DataGridView in UserControl

    Hi, I am making a usercontrol containing a datagridview and some additional controls and I need to expose the Columns property of the datagridview in my usercontrol at design-time. I know that it isn´t as easy as "Public Property Grid as DataGridView ..." and I tried many of the workarounds that...
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    Simple SQLCE application

    A am trying to make a simple database application just to learn SQLCE. I can not get the simplest things to work: adding and deleting records. Here´s how it looks now: Conn = New SqlCeConnection(CS) 'set the connection Conn.Open() 'and open it 'the database has 1 table called Invoices and 2...
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    Modifying Controls on Inherited Form

    I've created a base form with (among other commonly used controls) a DataGridView control. It's Design Modifiers Property is set to Public so that I can position the control to where it is needed on my various inherited forms. However, on all of the Inherited Forms, all of the properties of...
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    Getting paged data into a DataGridView

    I have an app that is currently getting data from a remote server, via the internet, and putting that data into a DataGridView. The data (a full client list) is being pulled down when the app is started and displayed. This solution has worked but now the customer is getting too many clients to...
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