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    Setting Custom paper size in Crystal Report

    Hi friends, I'm developing a software but a problem came up. I want to print paper of size 8 by 6 in. this is not a standard paper size in crystal report. Its a continuous paper. I want to define custom size through Vb.Net Please Help. :(
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    Way to create a customized compiler side-effect Attribute ?

    Hi everybody. I was wondering if any one had encoutered the need to create a custom .net attribute that acts like ObsoleteAttribute ? So lets suppose that this attribut is coded and is called MySpecialAttribute and lets say that its targeted for Methods only. What I need is that at the moment...
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    Custom Textbox Control

    Just a quick example of how it is possible to create a custom textbox control in VB.Net. It exposes a property to define allowed content via an enumeration, raises an event on invalid entry and also handles programatic assigment and attempts to paste invalid data also. Zip also includes a...
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