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    LINQ syntax help

    Hi all, I'm trying to retrieve some specific data from an XML file I have attached. The data is in <LinkCollection> I have a semi populated class object that contains an ID that directly relates to the LinkItem ID. Matching these values I then want to populate the rest of the class with the...
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    User Control - Multiple of same

    Afternoon all, I have a little project that represents a petrol station. I have a user control that represents a petrol-pump. These can be added and removed dependant on how many are required. In my user control I have a combo-box that holds the fuel choices {Diesel, Premium, Unleaded} for...
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    Quick Guide to Parametrising SQL

    Quick Guide to Parametrising SQL Jump to the bit on using parameters Often when interacting databases we need to provide information to the database that can only be obtained at runtime (this could be from user input, other programmatic means or similar). Two potential approaches to this...
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