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    Extend Control Bounds

    Is there a way to extend the bounds of a control, so that it has some extra space between the physical boundary and the graphical edge? Look at the image in attachment that demonstrates what I want to achieve. In this case it is a datagridview with some extra space on the right. Sure, I could...
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    Migrating Controls for game.

    Hey, Any suggestions on how I should go about loading levels into my game? I have a very good piece of code working for my player... collision detection works 100%, doors work (including the ID property for teleporting to rooms).. I'm probably going about all of this the wrong way, and I don't...
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    Custom Textbox Control

    Just a quick example of how it is possible to create a custom textbox control in VB.Net. It exposes a property to define allowed content via an enumeration, raises an event on invalid entry and also handles programatic assigment and attempts to paste invalid data also. Zip also includes a...
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