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    I'm desperate. Isometric Coordinates Translation

    After browsing the web and reading dozens of examples and tutorials I still can't figure out how to translate mouse X;Y screen position in pixels to X;Y isometric tile index. All the examples I tried returned strange values. The attached picture shows exactly the tiles' redering order. The...
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    Forcing windows font system size to 100%

    How can I ignore window's font size scale settings? Because if the font size is set to 125% or above my app will be completely wasted as dozens of controls will overlap and text itself will be cut in 90% of the cases. Not to mention that one of my forms got destroyed when I opened it in my new...
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    New to ASP .net and I have some questions

    Just started with ASP .NET this Saturday and it was the most frustrating experience I ever had. I went to bed Saturday, completely demoralized with the feeling that I had never coded on my life. Really frustrating... Anyway, after 2 full days of bumping the head I managed to setup the website's...
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    This function is not fully working

    Can someone please try to figure out what is happening here? I'm trying to apply the Multiply filter, similar to the one Photoshop uses by crossing the RGB values between two images. I'm not a pointer* guy at all and most of the code was taken from internet so I can't really say what is wrong...
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    Surface Tablet and Visual Studio.

    I know that surface tablets will have two flavors: ARM and Intel. But will both be able to run Visual Studio? I know Intel based tabs will but what about ARM tabs?
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    Creating custom Event for a custom control

    I need o trigger events for my custom properties residing in a custom control. Basically, I need a trigger for each property the control has and whenever they change. I've seen some examples on the web but I did not get a clear picture of how the whole thing works. This is what I have so far...
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    C# GDI+ 3D sphere with texture

    I would like to implement a 3D sphere to play an animated rotating planet for my game but using GDI+ ONLY. Since my math skills are next to zero, I definitely need to see an example. The problem is that I can't find any on the web. Is this too hard to be done with a texture? What about a an...
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    Class Deep Copy. But...

    But from a class that is inside another class. [Serializable] public class c_kaprical { //my objects [Serializable] //<- this does not help. public class c_solarSystem { //my objects public class c_kaprical.c_solarSystem Clone(c_kaprical.c_solarSystem newClone)...
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    Stefan-Boltzmann constant to C#

    How can I transform this number (Stefan-Boltzmann constant): 5.6704 x 10-8. to a C# compatible number? :confused: Is it 5.6704E-8?
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    Non-uniform random numbers

    What would be the best approach to generate a random number that does NOT have the same equal chance of coming up. Although I would prefer an arc, a line would also fit for the job. Arc: ---- 0 # ## ### #### 50 ##### ######## ########### ################# 100...
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    Best solution for 2D drawing?!

    I'm currently using GDI+ for my application. GDI+ Is so easy to use! Too bad its performance is not even moderately as good as its simplicity... I need a solution to draw images, rectangles and text fast and clean, but it must also be cross-plattaform, I believe this leaves me only with OpenGL...
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    Detect switch user event

    I have this .exe running in the background but I need it to be closed whenever a user switches account (instead logging off) and restarted when the user re-logs in it. If 2 users log in but do not close their accounts I end up having 2 .exe running at the same time which is quite problematic...
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    th ratherSimple question (wi hard to find answer though)

    Simple question (with a rather hard to find answer though) Which versions of Visual Studio 2010 has the ability to deploy .MSI setups? I know the Express version is unable to and it seems the professional edition is also unable (as it Deploy and Setup project category is empty). Thank you...
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    How to change ContextMenuStrip Highlight color

    How to change ContextMenuStrip Highlight color? We can change the background and foreground colors but not the selection background and foreground colors... so what's the point? Any ideia? It would be great if VS .NET controls were more flexible graphically...
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    Reading circle radius from mouse coords

    Imagine you have a circle with a radius of 100 pixels at the center of the screen. I need to return the current radius of the circle where ever I put the mouse anywhere inside the circle. That is.. if I put the mouse half way inside the circle it should return 50 pixels. I have no clue how to...
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    Draw a circle (wireframe and solid versions) with C# DirectX

    I understand that DirectX has no primitives for such task. I also understand that the circle should be done with the Line object, through connected segments. But all examples I've found so far are in c++; Come someone one help me? Thanks
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    Why shouldn't I use public variables inside a class?

    Why shouldn't I use public variables inside a class?
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    Math formula needed for 360º navigation system

    Since my trigonometry skills suck (I mean they really suck) I need help into translating coordinates (X,Y) into degrees. Ok, lets assume we have a circle on the screen. The circle has naturally its center located at some x,y pos. Now, what I want is to click anywhere on the screen a return its...
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    Printer Settings for Zebra printer

    Ok, I'm trying to print some code bars with a Zebra TLP 2844 throught a routine I developed in C#. However, I can do everything excepted aligning the labels. The printer came up with a setting-up utility to adjust the labels height, width and gap. I've set everything right. But when I print...
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    Email sending upon email success sending

    How can I send an email automatically notifying me that the previous email sent arrived its destination? Can the Try-Catch do the job? Or there is a way of configuring an email object to do this? Thank you
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