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    Regarding Callback method used for BeginReceive method

    Hi everyone, Following is the callback method that I use in my socket programming at client side for async receiving of data from server:- Public Sub OnDataRecieved(ByVal async As IAsyncResult) Dim Recieved_Size As Integer = m_clientSocket.EndReceive(async) ...........(rest of...
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    Assymetric Encryption in Vb .net

    Firstly I am completely new to this encryption and public key stuff. I have a Public key (in string format) which I need to use for Assymetric Encryption of my Data using the classes "RSACryptoServiceProvider" and "CspParameters" provided in Vb .Net. I did get lot of examples where they have...
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    Calling methods of a C++ dll from VBscript

    Hi Everyone, Basically I want to call methods of my C++ dll from VBscript. I searched for it in google, but everywhere I got solutions regarding .net dll rather than c++ dlls. An example of one of my C++ methods is: extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) int __cdecl test() { return 20; } Now, i...
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