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    C# Internet Explorer DOM using ObjectFromLresult.

    Howdo, I've been working on this for a couple of days, I did a VB.NET example of this on a forum a few years ago, but C# presented me with a new challenge & it took a while to figure out. The Idea is to get hold of an open instance of IE ( IE7 in this case ) & grab hold of it's IHTMLDocument2...
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    Welcome 2 the hotel california ( or not )

    it may or maynot be the hotel california, but check the customer reviews ... 1 Star Hotel ;)
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    List Files in a CAB File in VB.NET

    Hi folks, long time since i done this anyway i've knocked together a little example that allows you to list the files in a .CAB file ( it can be built upon to allow extraction etc... ) the class to read the cab ... '/// at very top of Class / Form... Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices...
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    Implementing the IActiveDesktop in VB.NET ( Part 2 )

    the main part ( the interface it's self ) ... #Region " IActiveDesktop Interface" <ComImport(), Guid("F490EB00-1240-11D1-9888-006097DEACF9"), InterfaceType(ComInterfaceType.InterfaceIsIUnknown)> _ Public Interface IActiveDesktop '/// '// these functions need to be in the same order as...
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    Implementing the IActiveDesktop in VB.NET ( Part 1 )

    i've decided to post an example on Implementing the IActiveDesktop interface in , examples in c# / j# can be found on my personal website. here's the example ( part 1 ) ... <DllImport("OLE32.DLL")> _ Public Shared Function CoCreateInstance( _ ByRef ClassGuid As...
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    Printscreen / alt+Printscreen including Cursor , in C++

    An example of taking a screenshot of either the entire desktop , or a window by it's handle. included in the screenshot is the Cursor at it's position at the time of the shot ( unlike windows , which doesn't show the Cursor ) This for me has proved to be the most challenging of projects, i've...
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    strReverse in C#

    no demo project need for this as it's only a few lines of code , anyway it's a little code i knocked together to reverse strings in C# ( reversed in the same way as strReverse in Vb did ) ... private void button1_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { MessageBox.Show(StringReverse("test...
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    Closing the Main Form , without Closing the Application.

    Hi guys n gals , i have knocked up a little bit of code which may provide usefull. i guess most people are aware that if you try closing your Main Form, while trying to leave a second Form open ( ie: Form2.Show , Form1.Close ) , you end up with the Application closing completely. well not...
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    Custom Background Colours in MdiForm / MdiChild.

    If anyone uses mdi forms in .net , you will notice that the backcolor property is only available if you search for the form's MdiClient. here's an example i built , which not only colors the form , but also it's child form ( in gradient colors ) Attached file at bottom , below screen shot.
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    Transparent Forms in J# ( Controls NOT Transparent )

    Hi , I've decided to build this little example on creating a Transparent Form , whilst still retaining the Colours / Visability of it's Controls. But i've added a twist , it's built in J# ( vs2003 is required to run this example btw ) one of the key attributes i'm trying to demonstrate / show...
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    Implementing the IAutoComplete2 Interface in Vb.Net

    I've been teaching myself a bit about Interfaces for a little while and decided to try to create a version of the IAutoComplete2 interface. you can see info on this for C++ on msdn. this example implements autocomplete on an given array of strings ( eg: in a listbox , combobox etc... )...
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    Full Color Balloon ToolTips with Icon / Title

    I built this Custom Balloon ToolTip to pass a bit of time between feeding babies etc... To initially retrieve the Handle of the ToolTip i have used the method that Divil uses in his balloon tip example. Then i've built up the code to perform Color / Icon / Title addition to the balloon...
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    Viewing Word Documents in a Webbrowser Control.

    if you've ever tried to open a Word Document in a Webbrowser or InternetExplorer , you will be aware that it's not an automatic process. you will be presented with a " Download File " dialog box. Well in i step ;) , here's my unique method of opening a Word Document in a Webbrowser... '///...
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    dragging large icons in a listview ( like windows explorer ) in C#

    I've built a little code example which allows you to drag listview items around within a listview ( in large icon view ) like when dragging files around in windows explorer. maybe it'll give some enjoyment out :p ... [System.Runtime.InteropServices.DllImport("user32.dll"...
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    retrieve image size+download with progressbar ( from the web )

    hi dudes, another little project i knocked up for fun . this will allow you to get the size of a file on the net , then download it with a progressbar to indicate how it's going. i built one with SavefileDialog option also, but to reduce the code being posted this will save a default image name...
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    Show Desktop Window using Type.InvokeMember inC#

    i've been doing a bit of work with types and InvokeMember and have built a simple example which minimizes all windows ( show desktop ) and restores the windows on a seperate button. i thought it may come in handy if people want to understand the basics of InvokeMember. I have built some more...
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    just thought i'd share my news :) , the Twins have arrived early.

    incase anyone has followed my signature, you'll be aware we were expecting our twins to arrive soon, well they have arrived today:D both are healthy girls, delivered by c-section.
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    Tutorial, a way to unload all forms [ code sample , with source ]

    I have built this little project which allows you to Unload all open forms , before closing the main App form down ( to prevent any forms remaining open ) there's a sample code project .zip included , it's quite a simple task, but it may help a few people trying to find ways to close all forms...
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    Unloading all Forms in VB.NET : Coded sample

    Hi just a quick snippet of code i made for the purpose of unloading forms in ( those other forms that are open still when closing down your main Form / exiting. in a Module : Module Module1 Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32.dll" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName...
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    is anyone having trouble with aviators?

    hi is anyone having trouble with their aviators? i have tried uploading 1 from my pc , tried one's from the net , tried various sizes , but nothing seems to show anymore :-\ is it a server problem or something thats gonna get fixed?
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