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    DirectSound: SecondaryBuffer to Base64, please help me.

    Hello, for three days now, I have been working with DirectSound, and have ran into a pretty big issue. I cannot figure out how to return a byte array from the SecondaryBuffer, I understand how to create the secondary buffer from a memory stream but not vice-versa, I need to either: A: Read the...
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    What do you recommend Direct2D GDI+ DirectDraw?

    Which should I be using? Direct2D, GDI+ or DirectDraw? I want to make a 2D platformer game and this is bothering me, I know little about the 3, for all I know, they are the same thing! Please help me understand. :confused:
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    Using Events and Subs for a dimmed object?

    Is it possible to program events and subs like the Click Event for a button that was declared without physically being on the form? Example: Dim NewButton as New Button How would I go about firing the click event and using it inside a button that is not physically in the form during design...
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    Migrating Controls for game.

    Hey, Any suggestions on how I should go about loading levels into my game? I have a very good piece of code working for my player... collision detection works 100%, doors work (including the ID property for teleporting to rooms).. I'm probably going about all of this the wrong way, and I don't...
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    Migrating Controls from Form to Form

    I've searched everywhere online and can't find anything on this. Is there was any way to migrate all controls from form to form? I've tried For Each Ctrl as Control in Form2.Controls Form1.Controls.Add(Ctrl) Next I get skipped controls and ect... but... If I try to get the name of...
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    OOP with external app

    Is it possible to get properties off of objects in an external app? I need to click a button on an external program and I also need to get the name of that button, I've tried and tried and I don't see a good way of accomplishing this. I've played with SendKeys and I fail pretty badly with...
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    Detect which side of collision.

    Hey, I was trying to make a game like Pokemon. This game has nice animations and when running. I need to hit a collision and stop, and face the direction that I was previously running, and THEN have the ability to hit a diffrent arrow key and go a diffrent direction. I fail to figure this out. I...
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    Rendering HTML or Custom Web Browser

    Hey, Does anyone have any information on to how I could go about rendering HTML and making my own CUSTOMIZED webbrowser. I don't like stealing DLLs and other objects from other browsers. I would like to make my own browser, Some of the big questions I would like to ask is : What object can I...
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    VB 2008 Accessing Physics Easily?

    I got my physics to work. I have a question tho. Sub CheckForCollision() If Picturebox1.Bounds.IntersectsWith(Picturebox2.Bounds) = True Then If Picturebox1.Bounds.Top = Picturebox2.Bounds.Bottom - 1 Then Collision = 1 End If End If...
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    Please Help! Visual Basic 2008 - Collision

    Hi, I am currently using Visual Basic 2008. I started my game and added my sprites and got my obstacles set up. I do not know how to detect Collision. How do I make it where if my character touches the building. He Stops Moving. And I am trying to find out which side of the building my...
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