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  1. JumpyNET

    IDE options

    I am a hobbyist programmer. I have been using Visual Basic 2008 Express for all these years. I never got used to any of the more modern versions of Visual Studio. Windows Phone was an exception, though one short lived. I have been educating my self to move to the GNU/Linux world, but it has...
  2. JumpyNET

    Probably a simple question regarding XAML

    The text "oletus" is show when the app is run on the phone or the emulator. What should I change so that the text is shown on design time as well? Please see the attached screenshot for xaml and code behind.
  3. JumpyNET

    TCP Communication Using StreamSocket

    A simplified version of the MSDN StreamSocket sample (tested and working). TCP Client (Windows Phone 8 App) Imports Windows.Networking Imports Windows.Networking.Sockets Imports Windows.Storage.Streams Partial Public Class MainPage : Inherits PhoneApplicationPage Dim Socket As...
  4. JumpyNET


    I have put up a simple DatagramSocket test example with separate solutions/projects for client and server. Sending strings from client to server is working but sending a string from server to client results in the following error: "A method was called at an unexpected time. (Exception from...
  5. JumpyNET

    IIF in XAML

    What would be the best way to do the following in XAML? <StackPanel Grid.Row=IIF(Orientation="Portrait","2","1") Grid.Column=IIF(Orientation="Portrait","0","2") > ------------------------------------------------------------------------ At first I was thinking of using a ValueConverter but...
  6. JumpyNET

    Setting Up Local Home Network for Remote Debugging a Surface Tablet

    I am having trouble setting up my local home network for remote debugging a surface tablet. Ping requests to all the local addresses (192.168.1.*) except the adsl-modem-wifi-router get timed out. A ideas how to get the network working?
  7. JumpyNET

    Linq: C# to VB conversion help needed

    I am trying to convert the C# LongListSelectorSample from to VisualBasic. Here is the original C# code (with the problematic linq-query included): private void LoadLinqMovies() { List<Movie> movies = new List<Movie>(); for...
  8. JumpyNET

    WP - Thread Priority

    I cannot seem to find any way to change priority of threads on the Windows Phone 8 platform. The default priority seems to be too high as my app takes now 2,5 seconds to startup, but if I make my background thread sleep alot the startup time will be only 0,8 seconds. Any advice?
  9. JumpyNET

    Regex - Replace Text Inside Angle Brackets

    How can I replace text inside angle brackets? My best try so far: Dim Input As String = "Aaaa [abc] Bbbb [7] Ccc" Dim Output As String = Regex.Replace(Input, "\[.+\]\s", "") ' Output is "Aaaa Ccc" but should be "Aaaa Bbbb Ccc"
  10. JumpyNET

    WP8: TextAlignment = Justified

    Is there any way to get Justified TextAlignment on Windows Phone? At least TextBlock does not seem to support that. Is it possible to somehow use Silverlight components or do you know if some one has made a custom TextBlock?
  11. JumpyNET

    LEFT and LIKE Alternatives on Windows Phone

    Googling for instructions spesific to Windows Phone seems impossible. Can someone please help me how to replace the following VB-code with WP alternatives? Dim Beginning As String = Left("Some Text", 2) Dim Answer As Boolean = "Some Text" Like "S*"
  12. JumpyNET

    Imports System.Web.Script.Serialization not working

    What references do I need to add to get this working? Imports System.Web.Script.Serialization
  13. JumpyNET

    XAML behind Label element

    I am trying to study WPF and was wondering if it is possible to examine the XAML or "source code" behind the "native" elements such as Label. PS: I am using Visual Studio Professional 2012.
  14. JumpyNET

    3D-file-formats supported by WPF in VS2012

    What are the 3D-file-formats supported by WPF in VS2012?
  15. JumpyNET

    Compile and execute code at RunTime

    I would like to compile and execute code at runtime and access the main form from the runtime code. Public Class Form1 Public TestVariable As Integer = 7 Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load...
  16. JumpyNET

    Unlocking Windows Phone 7 for Programming

    I just installed visual studio express 2010 for windows phone and tried to run a simple hello world test on a Nokia Lumia 800 (windows phone 7). Is it true that in order to proceed I have to buy a subscription to Microsoft's App Hub? If so will this change with windows phone 8? I honestly do...
  17. JumpyNET

    How to check for debug mode in VB2010?

    How can check for debug mode in VB2010? In VB2008 Express I could determine whether I was running the app from the debugger or the release version like this: #If Debug Then 'My code here... #Else 'Alternative code here... #End If But in VB2010 Express this no longer works and when...
  18. JumpyNET

    How to compress System.Drawing.Bitmap without saving the file

    What I do here is I 1) load an image file 2) blurr the image 3) pass the image to a third party component (which will save the image inside a pdf file) that accepts System.Drawing.Image, but does not do any post processing like compressing it, and the resulting big file size suggest that the...
  19. JumpyNET

    C# to VB.NET

    I and also the translator on developerfusion have trouble translating the following lines of code to VB.NET. I hope you guys can help me out. operation.Post(new SendOrPostCallback(delegate(object state) { EventHandler handler = SomethingHappened...
  20. JumpyNET

    How to open a pdf file for viewing in VS?

    How can I open a pdf file for viewing in VS? I'm guessing I need a third party dll so any recommendations are welcome. I tried searching the forum for "pdf" but the word is too short :(
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