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    make a cookie for me, please?

    I NEED to log in to and collect from there some images I like, for personal use. I am an artist! I use a windows application (NOT an ASP). I must use cookies to login to that website and set a "mature content" , to be able to see all artists posts. I need a code solution, or an...
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    How do I COPY the selected text from a webBrowser page?

    This is a Hard question(apparently simple): How do I COPY the selected text from a webBrowser page, and paste it to a text file( for example)? I have this until now: private void webBrowser1_PreviewKeyDown(object sender, PreviewKeyDownEventArgs e) { //the 67 is the mousebutton no4 (I...
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    string versus String !

    string versus String ! I have a question (a little embarrassing because I see it so late), what is the difference between String and string ? not in the way that String is a Class and string is a reference type. But rather how to think about them in the term of uses. I searched and find this...
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    existing object.custom property

    My question is how to create this: for an existing object a new custom property? "existing object"= an object control in general (ex: a textbox) "new custom property"= by default this control "textbox" have this property: textbox.Hide(); ...and many other properties off course,but I snipe to...
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