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    Test Post

    Testing few things.
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    Available Styles

    There are 3 styles for you to choose from. A blue style called xDNF Blue is the default. A lighter style called xDNF and a dark style called xDNF Dark. You can change the style using the style chooser at the bottom left in the footer. If you find any bugs please post them in Suggestions, Bugs...
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    Broken Links

    I understand that since Xtreme .Net Talk has been offline for a few years that there will be some broken links. If you find any broken links while browsing the site please take the time to reply to this thread to let me know the thread that has broken links.
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    Welcome to The New Xtreme .Net Talk Community

    Welcome back to Xtreme .Net Talk. After being down for more than 4 years Xtreme .Net Talk is back. As you can see we are on more modern software with new features. The posting interface is the same and should be familiar. There are still some things being fixed so bear with us. You'll notice...
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    F# .Net Programming Resources

    All you need to know about Visual Studio F# programming language.
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    Xtreme .Net Talk User Title and Rank System

    Posting Based Titles Newcomer 0-24 posts Freshman 25-49 posts Regular 50-99 posts Centurion 100-199 posts Junior Contributor 200-399 posts Contributor 400-799 posts Senior Contributor 800-1599 posts Ultimate Contributor / Custom Title 1600+ posts Knowledge Ranks Expert This status is given to...
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    Xtreme .Net Talk Member Introductions Only

    Use this forum to introduce yourself to the Xtreme .Net Talk community or to re-introduce yourself if you're a longs standing member of Xtreme .Net Talk. Do not use this forum for tech posts. Use the appropriate tech forums. If you post a tech post in this forum it will be deleted.
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    Broken MSDN link in forum Code Library Post

    This has been updated.
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    Site Rules, Terms of Service, Posting Guidelines and Other Important Information

    Xtreme .Net Talk Community has updated the sites Posting Rules and Guidelines, Privacy Policy and the sites Terms and Conditions of Use to comply with the new GDPR guidelines. There have been many changes and/or additions so it is in each members best interest to read or re-read these...
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    The Time Has Come

    Please see my post at ExVBF so I don't have to copy the same here: I want to thank Divil, Derek and the rest of the people that were here in the begining and made this site a great resource. If you want to chat with me stop by my new site. I'll be...
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    Announcement Discussion

    Post your thoughts and any questions you might have about the recent announcement.
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    Lock You Box

    If you have any of the following applications installed you might want to make sure that you have ports TCP 1433 and UDP 1434 locked down. .NET Framework SDK Application Center Server ASP.NET Web Matrix Tool Crystal Reports Enterprise 8.5 Microsoft Office 2000/XP Microsoft Project Microsoft...
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    Member and Thread Purge

    It's housecleaning time again. If you can't login and get username invalid there is a good chance that you were removed. I purged the database of all users that had: 0 posts and/or haven't logged in for 3 months. Any user that hasn't logged in for 6 months no matter how many posts you had...
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    These are the available styles for the moment: VolteBlue Lite with Blue Lite with no Graphics Lite Grey I have turned the rest off. They will be turned back on when I have time to make the changes to them to make them compatible with the new version of the software. Sorry about this monor...
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    Found a Bug?

    Post any suggestions you might have and if you found a bug let us know here.
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    Welcome. The dust still isn't settled and things are being worked on as we go. Bear with us for the next couple days until we get everything running as smoothly as it does at ExVBF. Some things you will notce over here. Your post count will be smaller than at ExVBF. The reason? I removed all...
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