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    Not Closing

    hey. i'm making a very basic contacts type program, and one of the fetures is that when the user closes the form it checks is any information has not been saved. but for some reason once i placed this sub in it now doesn't close at all Private Sub FormClosing() Handles Me.FormClosing...
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    Unknown Error

    hi all. I've been trying to make a basic version of mine sweeper. when i ran the program it did not give me all the expected outputs. i have tracked back the error to this bit of code that i have eddited down to just the bits that dont run and the context in which the code makes sence... can...
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    Controls looping

    Hey people i've been having problems with i like to use 'controls' with looping as to get rid of the need to do basically the same command over and over again. but this comand doesn't work for all objects... and i would like some help so the code goes a little like this For...
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