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    Stored Procedure Help with Variables??

    Hi, Ok I am importing an XML document via a stored procedure, works a treat. I am new to stored prcedures so excuse me if the question is stupid. Below is my current stored procedure, which takes an XML document, and adds all the data to my database, in 2 fields. CREATE PROCEDURE...
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    SP2 Problem? With "GetDriveType" API Call

    Hello, I am getting a drives type, (Removable Media, HDD, cd rom), and displaying it to the user. Works great, but not on SP2, it returns a weird drive type (8975933078237085698) It should return: "9222812402616107010" = Check for Removable Media "9222812402616107011" = Check For HardDisks...
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    How to: Hide URL information From User

    Hi, I was browsing the web yesterday and I found a page that shoed you how to hide the URL information of a file but still allowed you to get that file (eg an image etc), but I cant remember where I found it and cant find it in my history, so if anyknow knows what I am talking about some help...
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    How to Change Selection Color on Treeview

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone knows how to change the selection color on a treeview, its currently dark blue by default and I dont know how to change it, do you have to override thepain event or something? If so anyone know how to? thankyou joshua
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    Anyone Know how to Make Listview's Scroll Bar Wider??

    Hi, Ok I have a listview in details view, witha bunch of stuff. This will be used with a touchscreen so the font is quite large, but the scrollbar is the same size no matter what font, I need to make it wider so it is easier to use. Anyone have any ideas???
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    Reize JPEG Image WITHOUT compresssing it??

    Hi, Ok I have an image, that is out of proportion to what I want. I want to resize that image, WITHOUT compressing it again, losing file size. Currently when I do this: Dim oImg As Image = Image.FromFile("C:\sourcefile.jpg") Dim oThumbNail As Image =...
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    How To Include a File --> Code Library

    HI, Ok I think this is a stupid question but I will ask anyways. In Previos versions of ASP, Ihave always used the <include statement to include files, mainly these files were code libraries, files like all my database functions, etc. So I want to do this in ASP.NET, all the files will be are...
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    How to: Login to Newtwork Path For Access??

    Hi, Ok what I want to do is to login to a newtwork share so I can pass files back forth without having to browse to it manually first and login to the share. Anyone Have any ideas on how to do this? Thanks Joshua
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    How to Set Background Color Of MainMenu???

    Hi, I have changed my form's background color, to a blue, and I have a mainmenu item on the form, but the menu still stays grey. I am using the ownerpaint and DrawItem to draw a background color for each menu item, but the background of the menu still stays grey? any ideas? Thanks Josh
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    Why does my User Control Pause Event Firing?

    Hi, I have a windows form that does some work based on events raised by a user control, passes in various information all through one event. The event is fired about 25-35 times a second, and seems to fire correctly most of the time, but sometimes it seems to pause, no event is fired and...
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    VB.NET --> Screen Resolution Change Example Complete!

    Hi, Not sure how useful this is to anyone but I had alot of trouble finding a VB.NET Screen Resolution Change functionality, so I managed to get it working, and the code is below. Can be called by: ChangeRes(1024,768) Any comments are welcome, as are bug fixes!!!! Imports...
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    How to: Pause Code Execution At Runtime for Debugging?

    Hi, I am writing a little error Handler into all my subs and functions that will dump the error to a text file and continue, this is when the application is compiled and running on client machines. However I dont want to do that when I am debugging, I want to go to the line and debug as I...
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    Bug With ComboBox And Tab Control???

    Hi, Ok what I am trying to do is create a combobox at runtime, populate it with data, add it to my tab control, and sets its selectedindex to -1, so nothing is selected. So that all works, when the page is displayed, the combobox is there with nothing selected, but when I click on another tab...
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    Printing Problem - How to get CORRECT bounds of page

    Hi, Ok I am doing a print app, what I am trying to do is get the EXACT boundaries of the page, I want to print to the top left, 0,0, which is fine, but bottom right is a problem. When I use ".VisibleClipBounds.Width" I get the correct with the first time, for the default printer, that is set...
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    ListView Checkbox Problem?

    Hi, Ok I am porting an application to VB.NET from VB6, and have come across a weird problem I cant seem to solve, I think I have been staring at it for too long so any help is appreciated. Here is the scenario: I have a listview, with checkboxes, and I want the user when they click the TEXT...
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    DirectX newbie --> Simple: How to insert text into picturebox with directx?

    Hi, Ok what I have is a picturebox that is being updated 25 times a second with basically milliseconds, set in a picturebox to get custom font, with anti aliased text. Problem is that it flickers quite a lot, so I assumed that I can fix this with DirectX? YES? NO? So I cant seem to find a...
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    How to set Width of Radio Button Automatically?

    Hi, What I am doing is setting the text of a couple of radiobuttons automatically, and I would like to put them up next to each other once the text is set, but there is no autowidth property for the radio button, so I was using "MeasureString" to get text width, but it doesnt work properly...
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    How to Pass Enum values in and out of a usercontrol?

    Hi, I have been creating a usercontrol for a while now and had a form inside the project that I was testing it with, passing Enum values in and out of Properties and Functions and it worked great, but when I compiled my control into a dll and attached it to my real project, the enum's no longer...
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    How to get Panel names from PanelCollection of a StatusBar

    Hi, What I am trying to do is get the name of a panel that exists in my statusBar, I cant seem to find any properties that will let me do it?? Dim i as integer Dim tempStatusBar As StatusBar = theStatusBar Dim tempStatusBarPanels As StatusBarPanelCollection = tempStatusBar.Panels For i = 0 To...
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    How to: Create Multi Threaded User Control on Form?

    HI, I have a user Control on a form, the control is polling the com port for data continouosly, returns an event and the form parses the data every 40 milliseconds or there about. What I want to be able to do is multi thread this control so that I can always have the data ticking over even...
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