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    VS.NET 2005 Academic?

    Does anybody know which, if any, version of VS.NET 2005 will be available as an Academic version? I can't seem to find any information anywhere. I tried msdn, google, etc. :D.
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    High precision timing

    Does anybody know if Microsoft plans by any chance to add an implementation of high precision timing to .NET library? I've tried searching but can't find anything about that topic. Thanks.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Even if you don't celebrate it (for any reason) :).
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    Database problem?

    I just noticed something, this probably is an effect of what was happening yesterday evening (many DB errors when trying to do something and things like that). The post counts have dropped for a lot of people.
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    Pretty funny mistake with the ManagedDX update :)

    MS made a funny mistake with the Managed DirectX, they timebombed the Summer Update Managed DirectX assemblies. (It stopped working today). Microsoft representative said that they simply forgot to remove the limitation from the assemblies :). I just thought I would share this :).
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    chat registration

    How would I register my nick? I tried the NickServ thing but I dont think im doing it right :) :rolleyes:
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    page and letting the control know of variables

    I recently started a ASP.NET project. I have a ascx file which I put on my web form. This is a part of my ascx file: <div align="center"><%#COPYRIGHT%></div> Then I drag the ascx onto my form. How can I let the ascx control know of variable copyright from the page? I never worked with ascx...
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    Is there any reason my account got deleted?

    Is there any reason my account got deleted? I just got here, my account didnt work, on all posts it says im a guest. :( :( I had to create a new account.
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