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    Control OnPaint

    Hi hi, yo yo! Hi everybody, I'm using some code to make a transparent label, but as soon as I change the text or the text align properties the previous text remains intact! (like the image) When I move it around though everything goes back to normal, but I'm wondering if there's something I...
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    Method that behaves like ToString

    Hi again and again and again! I would like to have methods that behave like ToString: Let's say I have a structure or class that has some properties like 'Name' and 'Value'. How would I implement some methods like this: MyStructure.Name.MYOWNMETHOD1 MyStructure.Value.MYOWNMETHOD2 Is there...
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    UserControl keeps getting smaller

    Hi again! I have a quick question. I dont know why, but every time my project builds for debugging the user control I made keeps getting smaller by 2 pixels. If I debug and then I try to make changes to my user control it shrinks. Weird and it does not make any sense to me!!! :confused: :(:(...
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    Use more than one language in project

    Hey guys! I'm wondering what would be the best and most efficient way to write my program with two languages (english and spanish); so depending on your selection the *entire* thing would display text, information and such in the corresponding language (something like the picture). Thanks!
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    Properties description in properties window

    Yoooooo! I'm writing a user control and I have XML comments on almost every method and property. When I load the control for debugging the properties I created appear in the property window, but not their description (I uploaded a pic). If I could also change the name "Misc" by something else...
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    Button "pressed" animation by key

    Its me again! I was trying to find everywhere how to hold down some key (for example, "M") and animate a Button so that it looks that it's "pressed". When I release "M" then the button will be released as well (as if I have clicked the button with the key) Button.PerformClick does not show...
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    How to arrange List of Buttons

    How to sort List of Buttons Hey beautiful people! I'm working on a User Control, and I've created a List variable like this: Private vKey As New List(Of Button) Then I search for all the buttons in the user control and add them: Private Sub AddToList() For Each Key As Control...
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    Accesing Class Methods

    Accesing Another Class Methods Yooo, Super-askingdude here! Is there a way to access Class methods and variables without using the Shared statement or the New statement? Here's my code: Public Class BigClassy Public vPublicVariable As Integer Public MyStructy As Structy ' I'm...
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    Reference to Run-Time Objects

    Hi again :P In my musical project, I'm creating buttons and labels at runtime. I was wondering how can I make changes to a certain button object via a label object, like this: Dim Label1 as New Label Dim Button1 as New Button Me.Controls.Add(Label1) Me.Controls.Add(Button1) AddHandler...
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    Nested Properties

    Hey guys! I'm using and I would want to have "property properties" of a class like this: Thing.Property1 = "Yo!" (*1) Thing.Property1.AnotherThing = 0 Thing.Property1.AnotherThing2 = True I understand I can use 'property Property1 as class' but if I do that, Property1 must get or set a...
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