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    y is't so?

    e.Item.DataItem is always nothing when used in Datagrid ItemCommand but the same return values when used inside ItemDataBound method.
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    Am i doing any thing wrong?

    i'm getting a error(object not set to an instance) when i try ((DataRowView) e.Item.DataItem).Row.ItemArray[8].ToString() or ((System.Data.Common.DbDataRecord) e.Item.DataItem)[8].ToString() in ItemCommand event of Datagrid but the same statement works successfully in ItemDataBound of...
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    generate script file

    I have sqlserver 2000, how should generate a sql server script file along with table data
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    change mouse pointer to Hourglass?

    I want to change the mouse pointer to Busy state(hour glass) during some process on a web forms( with c#) how to do it? thanks
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    how to show a textbox(visible=true) based on dropdownlist selection using client scri

    Initially when the page is load i had set a textbox property to visible false txtGrpName.Visible=false; If user change the default item in a dropdownlist(ddlGrpName) then i have to show the textbox so i have written client side script <script language="javascript"> function CheckGroup() {...
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    about Required Field validator

    I want 'required field validator' control to fire(display errortext) immediately when the focus move from the control. In my web page it fires only on the click of submit button. How to get it right?
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    Default stylesheet

    I read in a article that a default stylesheet will be attached for all web project( when its created. But in my machine, when i open a new web project using vs there is no default stylesheet. How to get it done?
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    alert message box title

    I'm newbie javascript. I have used javascript alert statement in some of my webpage( Bydefault the alert box in javascript shows the title as 'INTERNET EXPLORER' Is there a way to change to title of the alertbox to my need.
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    adding property to usercontrol

    i should add a new property to user controls. For example I want a new property named 'separator' to be added to the textbox server contorl property. If i press 'f4' key by selecting the usercontrol textbox it should list the newly added 'separator' property also. How should i do it?
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    dependent dropdown box to be filled from db

    In my web application(, i have a requirement where i need to populate a dropdown box based on a user’s choice. I have two dropdown boxes: one for States and one for cities. Based on user’s selection of state, I need to populate the cities dropdown box. Note: I need to fill the...
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    webservice Vs xml webservice

    i'm confused by the term webservice and xml webservice. Can some explain what is difference between the two with regard to .net. I'm writing a webservice to update the database(remote location) by passing a dataset, in these case should i call it as webservice or xml webservice? Plz explain?
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    About reports

    I have do reports for my web project( The report would be used(view,printing and exporting) at both client and server locations. Can some suggest which would be best tool to opt for? And pros and cons of using the tools. Actually I’m thinking of doing using either excel or crystal...
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    disable 'view source'

    I dont want users to use 'view source' menu for my webpages. how can i do this?
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    about password protection

    When the 'view source' is selected from the browser, password textbox value appears in the source. Is encryption the only option to protect 'passwords'? ofcourse we can use viewstate also. What are the other option ?
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    Hyperlinked Numbers

    I want to create a hyperlink number something like 1 2 3 at runtime(because I know the starting and ending number only the runtime). When 1 is clicked the web page should page postback(not new page) again and I should be able to retrieve the value of the hyperlinked number(in this case its...
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    Improve the display of my web page

    I have datagrid with few columns. In one of the template column i have to add a dropdownlist(at runtime) which i had done in datagrid itemcreated event: private void dgMemberClassList_ItemCreated(object sender, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridItemEventArgs e) { if...
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    multirow edit in Datagrid

    My web page has a datagrid(for multiple row edit) bind to a dataset with all the columns been data bound except one which is a template column with a dropdownlist. Users can only modify the dropdownlist. Datagrid might have 1000 of rows of which the user is certainly going to modify DROPDOWN...
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    submiting with validation controls seem to have two onclick event?

    I have web page where i had used some validation control and i had also written javascript validation for few validations. Now when i submit i dont see my validation routine been called. The reason is two onclick exists when source is viewed it appear as <code> <input type="submit"...
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    updating database at remote location

    I want my database server(remote location connected thru internet) database to be updated with data from my local system every week. I want to do using with c# code(not thru means like sql server replication). What approach should i follow? Is Webservices need for this or else is there...
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    Page had expired

    I have some web page which should not be displayed or not even reloaded when the browser 'back' button is used instead i want to show the ie default message which appears as Page had Expired ..... .you have to refresh the page ..... ...... etc can some one help me out?
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