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    http client cannot access secured web service

    My application uses httpwebrequest class to access a secured service. I have received a certificate which I installed on the pc. the web service requires a username and password. I get the following message when running the app: "The underlying connection was closed. Could not establish...
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    My tcpclient does not recognize dropped network status.

    I have a service that uses the tcpClient to send and receive data. I can unplug the network cable and the service does not know the connection has been broken. This is the code that is used to test the connection. The call to send does not throw an error. How can I get my service to know the...
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    IIS hosted WCF service

    IIS hosted WCF service does not work Hi all: I am trying to learn WCF. I have tried serveral examples from the Web which do not work as they were instructed for me. I must be doing something wrong but am not sure what. I have windows 7 home, VS2012. I created a solution call Greetings. In the...
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    Cannot send a content-body with this verb-type

    I am learning web services and want to get this client working. I get the error "Cannot send a content-body with this verb-type" You can see I have set the method to "POST". The error comes when I try to execute the line with ws.getRequestStream. Any Ideas? Thanks. Public Class Form1...
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    My web client error:Content-Length or Chunked Encoding cannot be set for an operation

    I am trying to learn how to write a web client. I wrote a WCF web client to the same site in the code below and that worked. I would also like to write one similar to the code below. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong would be great. I am getting the error: InnerException = {"Content-Length or...
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    How can I tell if a thread in my app crashes?

    We have a service that runs several threads to handle different functions required by the service. One of the functions stops working after several days. I assume the thread no longer exists or is not running. How can I monitor that or tell if a thread no longer exists or is no longer running?
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    How to write a web service?

    Hi all: I have been given a set of schemas and wsdl. I have to write an application that will submit a request to a service and get a response. I don't even know where to begin. Can someone tell me What type of service I am writing and some of the things I may need to do to make use of the...
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    My service does not show in windows services.

    I am running windows 7 professional and VS2010. I created a windows service solution which does nothing really just a practice project. It compiles successfully. I used installutil.exe to register the service and it returned messages stating that it installed/registered successfully. But it...
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    Modal form will not close

    I have a form that is instantiated with the following code. When I click the ok or cancel buttons that are on the form I call me.close() but the form does not close. I just stays on my screen and my application is hung. The form is not running on the same thread as the main form...
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    System.IntPtr is an unsupported type

    When I build my project I get the following error and this is new territory for me as a noobie in .net. Thanks in advance for suggestions. Error 1: System.IntPtr is an unsupported type. Please use [XmlIgnore] attribute to exclude members of this type from serialization graph. File...
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