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    Word 07 Interop madness

    Hey there, Some serious problem occurred the other day. I'm building a reporting module. At the moment I have a .NET Application which consists of several buttons to the right side of the form. on the mid - left side there is Word 2007 hosted in a panel. The .NET Application loads a .NET DLL...
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    Post text message

    Hey there For the several applications rolled out right now we want a single module to handle inter-application communication. i.e. we have one application (called App1 for simplicity) and with a button in this application we switch to another application (called App2). we want to exchange...
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    Sending information to other process

    Hey there I'm trying to send some messages to another program. Somehow they never arrive. The sending application on button click: Dim info As New ProcessStartInfo("C:\Users\mso\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\SwitchApplication\MedicalRecords\bin\Debug\MedicalRecords.exe")...
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    WordApp not working while switching documents

    Hi there, I've encountered the following problem and I'm really clueless. For work I've made a word host application, and now we need to switch templates in it. I've made a custom ribbon where a combobox lists all templates. These templates are loaded in the combobox_change event. See code...
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    Application's Icon

    Heyey I have a WinForm application built in VB.NET, all works fine. Now I want to have a nice icon to finish it all up. I already have a form Icon (So it shows up while doing Alt+Tab, and the taskbar is also fine). I also set the icon at the properties page for the application. And even in...
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    Hello to all

    Hello there IcerdoseDer, hope you enjoy your time being here. ~DP
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    Word 07 Interop

    Hello there, The problem is the following: How can I pass a Word.Document object from vba code to I have made a small program which wraps Word 2007 into a usercontrol (custom panel) but now I want to interact with the document I ran into some problems.. For some other customizations...
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    ComboBox DataBinding problem

    Heyey I've placed a combobox on a form called SourceCBox in the load event on this form I placed the following code: _images = New List(Of Projects.Sprite) SourceCBox.DataSource = _images SourceCBox.ValueMember = "Filename" SourceCBox.DisplayMember = "Name" Dim img As New...
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    transparent gradient usercontrol

    Heyey I'm trying to get a menu button as in but within windows forms as a user control instead of SilverLight 2 (patient record -> menu button on the top left) It is like a rounded button, and when clicked a set of buttons move...
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    stack(of ..) memory leak with points?

    Hey there, Lately I'm working on some paint program in but the floodfill algorithm (such as the bucket tool in MS paint) gives me some problems. I do the tool as follows.. I create a new stack object, and from the point where the user clicks, it goes all the way to the top of the image...
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