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    Debug error "Cannot convert from double to float...

    Velocity[a] is a Vector3 type (all doubles), Proximity is a double as is Influence. The highlighted code produces a cannot convert double to float error... I have tried (double)0 and that did not solve the problem. Any ideas? Velocity[a] = (new Vector3( Proximity.X != 0 ...
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    Z axis not resolving... last render object is in foreground.

    Does DX not have the intelligence to render an object while masking by proximity to the camera?
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    Array.Length-1 should point to last member of array?

    Maybe it is just a brain fart, however the highlighted line of my code produces and index out of range error... can anyone spot the problem? public void AddParticle() { Array.Resize(ref Particlestemp, Particlestemp.Length); Array.Copy(Particles, Particlestemp, Particles.Length)...
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    Render is taking on aspect of form...

    I have managed to fumble my way to some degree of success with DirectX... only real problem I have now is that my render meshes take on the aspect ratio of the windows form object... ? using System; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Timers; using...
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    DirectX 9?

    When I add a reference, how can I be sure I am referencing the correct version of DirectX? I first installed DirectX 11 SDK... I did a system restore, however when I ran my IDE and added references, DirectX was still there when I should have had no SDK installed.
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    Form not displaying

    (sorry about the repost, just realized the original was in the wrong place) I create a form and it displays fine, however as soon as I create my directX device the form stops displaying! Here is my code, please note that I can eliminate all of the DirectX code and the form displays, however...
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