• After more than 30 years running websites and forums I am retiring.

    I have made many friends through the years. I will cherish my time getting to know you. I wish you all the best. This was not an easy decision to make. The cost to keep the communities running has gotten to the point where it's just too expensive. Security certificates, hosting cost, software renewals and everything else has increased threefold. While costs are up ad revenue is down. It's no longer viable to keep things running.

    All sites will be turned off on Thursday 30 November 2023. If you are interested in acquiring any of the websites I own you can Email Schwarz Network.

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Posting Based Titles

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Regular 50-99 posts
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This status is given to users who show competence in at least one area of the .NET framework, and are willing to share their knowledge with the users of the forum.

This status is given to users who show outstanding ability in many areas of the .NET framework, and have demonstrated a good ability to exchange their knowledge with others.

Leadership Ranks

Forum Leader
This status is given to users who demonstrate good interpersonal skills and show a good attitude towards the forum and its users.

Super Moderator
Moderators help the forum run smoothly be moving misplaced threads into correct forums, removing objectionable posts, and dealing with unruly users. Moderators are elected from the Leader group based on respect for the users and staff, and commitment to the forum.

Administrators keep the forum running from the backend, modifying forum settings and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the forum running well. Administrators will be chosen from the Moderator group by the other administrators.
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