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Old 03-20-2012, 06:16 AM
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Default MySQL Dataadapter - Problems since Mysql-Update


I'm running an onlineshop on an Ubuntu-Server and wrote a program to update the shop-database (MySQL) with data from internal SQL-Server DB.

Since I updated MySQL on the Ubuntu-Server from 5.1.41 to 5.1.61 (that update came automatically for security reasons) i have a weird problem.

First: every access to the MySQL-DB vie the shop(s) and from our CMS (Drupal) works perfect. No Problems at all.

For Speed-Reasons I use datatables/dataadapter to update the shop data in memory and write it back to MySQL after all neccessary updates/inserts/deletes are done. This worked perfect until the MySQL-Update.

Here is some sample code from my program that produces the following problem:
The first run works perfect, if the code is called a second time, the result from mysql for oxadapter.fill is empty (0 records) but there are DEFINITELY records in the DB. So on the second run all records coming from the internal sql-server are treated as new records and at the update i get a duplicate key. Why is the MySQL-Result empty? And why this happens just now since MySQL is updated?

    Private SteinConn As SqlConnection
    Private SteinSQL As SqlCommand
    Private SteinAdapter As SqlDataAdapter

    Private OxConn As MySqlConnection
    Private OxSQL As MySqlCommand
    Private OxAdapter As MySqlDataAdapter
    Private OxCB As MySqlCommandBuilder

Private Sub text()
        Dim dtStein As New DataTable
        Dim dtOxid As New DataTable

        ' connect databases
        SteinConn = New SqlConnection(strConnectSQL)        
        OxConn = New MySqlConnection(strConnectMYSQL)
        SteinConn.Open()                ' SQL-Server
        OxConn.Open()                   ' MySQL

        ' get data from SQL-Server
        SteinAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM dbo.xxxxxx WHERE ShopNumber = 2", SteinConn)
        SteinAdapter.SelectCommand.CommandTimeout = 120

        ' get data from mysql
        OxAdapter = New MySqlDataAdapter("SELECT aa,bb,cc,dd FROM aaa", OxConn)
        OxAdapter.SelectCommand.CommandTimeout = 120

        ' here follows code to update the data in dtoxid

        ' update mysql
        OxCB = New MySqlCommandBuilder(OxAdapter)
        OxAdapter.InsertCommand = OxCB.GetInsertCommand
        OxAdapter.UpdateCommand = OxCB.GetUpdateCommand
        OxAdapter.DeleteCommand = OxCB.GetDeleteCommand

…nd Sub
This code works perfect if it's called once... if I call it again then dtoxid has 0 rows after "OxAdapter.Fill(dtOxid)".

As stated before this works with the older MySQL-Version I'm using now (5.1.41) but not worked after a security-Patch to 5.1.61

Any Idea?
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Old 03-27-2012, 03:11 AM
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Default Re: MySQL Dataadapter - Problems since Mysql-Update

The problem is still alive... no ideas anyone?
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Old 05-30-2012, 02:04 AM
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Default Re: MySQL Dataadapter - Problems since Mysql-Update

Hi ,

I have the same probleme, i upgrade mysql 5.0 to 5.1 yesterday and when i use my dataadapter it return nothing. ( i upgrade to 5.5 and this is the same)

My problem :
First i select the data to show them (no problem)
Second i modify one value and i update (still no problem)
Third i select the data to show the modify ( Return nothing)

Have you a solution ?

(sorry for my english)
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